We're The Multi-Family Energy Evaluation Experts.


At U.S.H.A.C., we pride ourselves in offering a full range of HVAC, plumbing and electrical services to our residential multi-family facilities and properties. The first and most important of these services is our comprehensive on-site energy evaluation.

We will assess the efficiency of your property's current HVAC equipment, water heaters, plumbing fixtures, electrical/lighting fixtures and equipment, then we will provide an estimated annual savings in energy consumption costs if the older equipment is replaced with up-to-date, energy efficient equipment.

Our Comprehensive On-Site Energy Analysis


During the energy evaluation process, U.S.H.A.C.'s energy experts will visit your property and complete site walk-throughs of each unit floorplan to get an accurate picture of any necessary equipment upgrades and retrofits.

In addition to providing energy evalutations for individual units, we also provide energy evaluations of all common area equipment and assessment of any available local utitlity or tax incentives which are included in the final energy evaluation. This will give you an accurate overview of all upgrades needed throughout your property.

Your Cost Savings And Reduced Energy Consumption


Multi-family properties realize, on average, 30-50% savings in annual energy costs after performing the equipment upgrades recommended by U.S.H.A.C.'s energy evaluations.

For example, a 210-unit multi-family community with studio to two-bedroom units can save, on average:

$243,000 annually by upgrading from old 8 SEER HVAC units to energy-efficient 13 SEER units;

$40,950 annually by upgrading from 60-watt incandescent lighting to compact fluorescents;

$23,760 annually by upgrading from 3.5 gallon toilets to water-saving 1.5 gallon toilets;

$53,130 annually by upgrading to more energy-efficient refrigerators;

and $42,630 annually by upgrading to .093 EER water heaters!

That's an annual cost savings of over $400,000, not to mention the environmental benefits of this reduced energy consumption, including:

7,865,340 lbs. in CO2 emissions saved;

1,050 acres of forest saved;

and 5,015,220 kWh energy saved!

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